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Driver’s Club Link Driver Safety Behind the wheel courses for Teens and Fleets


Driver’s Club Link LLC has a program for teen drivers to learn how to drive safely. Our professional instructors, will be demonstrating, explaining, and assisting different safety driving skills to the teenagers. This advanced teen driver training program was designed to take over where driver's Ed left off. Driver's Ed teaches only the rules of the road we teach the life saving skills of driving on the road today. We run our programs in a controlled environment so we can simulate things Driver's ED couldn't. Teens need our help in driver training to protect them on the road.
Making teens better safer drivers is one of the primary ways that you can protect them. Motor vehicle crashes are the largest cause of teen fatalities today. We are failing our teens by the lack of driver training going on. The Driver’s Club Link program Challenges the teens. They will be learning things like how to use ABS brakes, Skid Control and we will be teaching them many other life saving techniques. The leading cause of over 50% of the teen accidents today is single car loss of control accidents.


There is a proven way to substantially reduce driving risks. DRIVERS CLUB LINK trains teens to be better drivers.
Teen drivers with advanced driver training will substantially improve their driving skills while reducing their chances of being involved in a crash. In the corporate world driver training that was done for companies have reported reductions anywhere between 25% to 50%.

Drivers Club Link is people …
Our partnering with a team of master driving instructors throughout the United States makes this program possible. We teach safety and accident avoidance techniques developed over years of professional driving experience. Since our inception we have one goal in mind and that is to help save lives on our roads today. You can’t put a value on a  life!

What happens at a Drivers Club Link program?
We teach proven driving techniques that are used by many of the best professional drivers in the world. Students have told us that they learned more during our one-day program than in all their previous years of driving.

The course takes about eight hours. Behind-the-wheel exercises reinforce what is learned in classroom sessions. The exercises are performed in large open areas secluded from other traffic, allowing us to simulate a variety of driving situations in complete safety. Since students use their own vehicles, they learn the limitations of the vehicle they spend the most time driving. Students put their new skills to the test in a series of challenging car control and accident avoidance exercises, including how to react in a skid, taught at safe low speeds in our patented “slide car.

Looking for HELP reading DATA!!  Give us a call over the phone sessions are available. You email mail me your file and we will coach you on how to read it. You spent hundreds or thousands on your DATA SYSTEMS  learn how to use it properly. We just returned from Sebring Coaching a driver who took 10 seconds a lap off his times as a first time driver on this track. We teach at NJMP and take an average of 4 seconds a lap of for drivers.

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1. How can I get my teen side up for this program? Give our office a call to schedule an appointment.

2. Do you come to our office for fleet training? Yes give our office a call to schedule an appointment.